Welcome to IndiesStandUp.com!

IndiesStandUp Media, LLC is an Entertainment and Consulting company based in Houston, TX.  We provide a host of services for Independent Artists and Labels and in-house IT solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

Artist and Label Services:

IndiesStandUp Media operates on the premise that an effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. We work with Artists and Labels, Beverage Companies, Nightclubs and Clothing Companies to build brand equity and integrate them with a young and explosive growth market.

Artist/Label services include Marketing, Music Publishing, Digital Distribution, YouTube & Soundcloud Monetization, and Neighboring Rights Administration.  Our services allow you to reach a bigger market with placement in a large and continuously growing network of retail and streaming service partners. In addition, licensing opportunities are available through partnerships with content companies, brands, clubs & organizations (ex: sports teams), films, television shows, cable shows, free to air networks, and media networks.

We are dedicated to promoting, distributing and booking live shows and tours for artists worldwide. We are passionate about the entertainment business and focus on featuring new and emerging artists, as well as working with highly established acts that now seek to bring all their management and administration services in-house.

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