Liv Buli’s Weekend Readling List: Warner Invests in Playlisting, Gov Ball v. Panorama, and the Future of VR and Music

image from www.hypebot.comLiv Buli is the Data Journalist at Pandora owned analytics provider Next Big Sound. With one eye on data and the other on the cultural zeitgeist, she sees what matters most before the rest of us. She shares what’s caught her eye (almost) every Friday.

A portrait of Midem attendees by night.

I’m keeping it short and sweet this week, as I am running around like a headless chicken (known as poulet) in the south of France catching every panel and concert I can at Midem (oh and eating a lot of baguettes). It does occur to me that sitting in a conference room instead of beachside on the French Riviera is somewhat sad. But ok.

Is anyone surprised that Ed Sheeran was the UK’s most played artist across radio, tv, and public performance in 2015? No.

Playlisting is so hot right now. News just broke that Warner picked up Swedish firm X5 Music.

The illustrious Courtney Harding shares her thoughts on what VR could potentially mean for streaming services (if they do it right that is).


Death Cab For Cutie and CHVRCHES find a different way to protest bathroom laws in North Carolina.

And Gov Ball kicked off today. I feel like it rains every year during the Randall’s Island festival, so I am not really sure why that would significantly impact the success of Gov Ball in comparison to Panorama, but still it’s an excuse to compare it to Panorama again.

Anyway, enjoy Gov Ball guys, don’t wear flip flops, that‘s just silly.

In graphs this week:
Screenshot 2016-06-03 19.51.54

I swear to God Ed Sheeran is addictive. Anyone want to guess what that dip in the middle is? CHRISTMAS. WE ONLY STOP LISTENING TO ED SHEERAN FOR CHRISTMAS. IMAGINE IF HE DROPS A CHRISTMAS ALBUM?









And I forgot to share this last week, which I should have because this performance of Bob Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me Babe” by Kesha and Ben Folds should definitely have been watched more than 145,000 times (especially since the BBMA version is pretty tough to find).


That’s what I’ve got for this week. And if you’re stateside, I bid you a wonderful national donut day. I’ll have a croissant to celebrate.